Chad Sheffield


Chad Sheffield is the Co-Owner of Decade Restaurant in Louisville, KY. A local native, Chad began working in restaurants at 16, including a job at Bristol Bar & Grille where he had the opportunity to work with a master sommelier. Chad graduated from the University of Louisville with a degree in theater and literature, and in 2003 founded and operated Latent Muse Productions – a community theater company in Louisville.

In 2005, Chad moved to San Francisco, where he worked for five years at the beloved restaurant Coco500 – run by Loretta Keller (one of the city’s most prominent chefs) and Louisville-native Clay Reynolds (who would go on to become Chad’s partner at Decca). Loretta and Clay inspired Chad not only through education but also artistically, and how an independent restaurant could function and operate as a family. While at Coco500, Chad continued to study and perform in theatrical productions, but his focus began to shift as he fell in love with food, wine, and fine dining service etiquette – working at Coco500 was an experience that would change the course of his life. Chad decided to further his wine knowledge, and in 2015 became a Level 1 Sommelier.

In 2010, Chad moved back to Louisville to create and oversee the two-year renovation of Decca, which opened in 2012. As founding partner, Chad also served as the general manager, property manager, and music booker for the first four years of opening. He briefly left the restaurant and moved to North Carolina while his partner completed a residency at UNC, but returned again to Decca in 2020 as Co-Owner, where he oversaw operations until the restaurant closed in 2022.

Chad has a sincere passion for hospitality and taking care of people – including fine-dining service etiquette, running the floor, anticipating needs of guests, wine, and more. While he feels these skills are innately part of his nature, he’s also had extensive training to develop these interests and passions. His experience in networking and building successful restaurants shines through to this opening at Decade, and something critical that he brings to the project as a Co-Owner.

Chad’s goal with Decade (as it was with Decca) is to create a community gathering space that encompasses his love of food, wine, art, and music. A healthy social ecosystem – which includes guest hospitality, employee care, and attention to detail – is vital to a thriving community. Chad hopes that people will come into Decade and be inspired.

Chad Sheffield